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Find the best HR Solutions and talent for your business

We at JobCop are an expert at finding talent for our  clients, across a broad range of sectors . As sourcing the best talent becomes more challenging, our clients rely on our expertise even more, to ensure that scaling the human factor of their business is not an impediment to growth.

Our 360 degree HR Solutions ranges from Professional Recruitment to Temporary Staffing, Visa And Payroll, Training, Emiratisation, Assessments, Outsourcing, Executive Search and Delivery Services across all industrial sectors in the region. 


JobCop is an excellent enterprise for temporary staffing solutions, visa and payroll, PRO services. Whether you need one temp staff or +10K, we support all your business needs.

Who needs it?

Business that seek support of an external HR solutions agency to recruit and payroll short-term, temporary, flexible workforce for seasonal staffing or temporary projects, events etc

Payroll Management Services is more than just paying employees. We offer secured payment with Digital Timesheet Management, automated Payslip, Dedicated Manager to save cost and administrative burdens. 

Who needs it?

  • This service is suitable for SME’s, large and medium business who wish to to outsource their payroll to an external agency.
  • It is also suitable for a newly start-up business or a foreign company that wishes to outsource their staff locally
  • The company has recruited an employee but don’t have the resources or time for administrative tasks

Our Employment Visa Outsourcing services expert team in the UAE saves your time and money through efficient and reliable visa services

With a dedicated in-house typing center we take end- to- end responsibility of all tasks, starting from document collection, ministry approval, e-visa, status change, Emirates ID, Medical, Resident Visa, offboarding, exiting transactions, mobilization and more with 100% compliance and secured process.

Our expert team saves your time and money through efficient and reliable PRO Services. Our staff takes end to end responsibility of all tasks, starting from issuing new visa, offboarding, exiting transactions and more.

Who needs it?

This service is suitable for organizations that needs a external PRO (Public Relation Officer) to manage their document clearing services, pertaining to processing governmental documents and paperwork.

With JobCop Outsourcing Services you can improve Quality, Efficiency & ROI of your business. The client gives a part of the project/ internal function or the entire personnel management over to JobCop to handle. It could be staff outsourcing for a short-term or permanent duration.

Who needs it?

We can support entire components of your business or just parts of your value chain. In return, you can expect best-in-class delivery with continuous optimization and solutions that work whether you employ 2 or 2,000 people. Our outsourcing business lines include Logistics Outsourcing, Last Mile, Field Sales, Marketing, Merchandising, HR, BPO.


Whether short-term project or peak season demands high volume recruitment requires an organized and careful approach. With JobCop dedicated volume campaign team and global mobility hub, we deliver mass recruitment campaigns in the region .

Who needs it?

Typically this service is suitable for organizations hiring for a large quantity of positions, at the same time, within a short timeframe to keep their business process function smoothly.

We offer professional recruitment and HR consultation to companies that seek to attract top talent mainly mid-senior level positions across all industrial verticals in GCC region. Services we offer: Full time permanent employees to attraction, recruitment, RPO, Talent Mapping, On-Site and Mass Recruitment services to match the best-fit talent.

Who needs it?

Organizations that seek for professional HR solutions such as headhunting and recruitment of candidates with specific skills and capabilities; HR consultation;  job market overview and insights; employee branding and more.

JobCop Search is tailored recruitment and headhunting solution designed to attract senior management, C-Suite, VP’s and Managers with more dedicated, consultative relationship, designed to find you the best mid-to-high-level professionals.

Who needs it?

Any business that does not have the expertise, network, and/or time to recruit and hire a fitting Senior Manager, Director or Executive.

Empowering Emirati talent to join the private sector is at the heart of JobCop Middle East’s Emiratisation program. We wish to passionately contribute to the Country’s ongoing Emiratisation initiative of recruitment and staffing of Emirati talent to have more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Who needs it?

For Private or Public sectors that seek to hire UAE or Saudi Arabia national talent, JobCop aims to support companies reach their Emiratisation quota with 100% legal compliance.

Diversifying workforce ? Travel with us to any of the country and tap in to resourceful talent. Your international recruitment campaigns now simplified with the JobCop Talent Mobilization .

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for organizations in Middle East seeking to hire global talent considering talent shortage in the region and increased demand for immigrant workforce.

At JobCop, we have an expert team of assessment professionals with expertise in candidate assessments to help you match the right talent to your business requirement. Whether you seek to re-skill existing employees or looking to hire talent with specific skills set, we help you with customized assessments that suits your business needs.

Who needs it?

Any business that does not have the expertise, digital tools and rely on external agency to assess candidates during interviews or assess their existing employees personality or technical skills/ soft skills/ language etc

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